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Super fine inkjet printer


Front end tool for printed electronics

DFM Inkjet achieves a great efficiency improvement in the data generation and editing of inkjet equipment.


Data generation system
『DFM inkjet』

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-Precise and accurate data conversion-
CAD data(vector) ⇔ BMP data(raster)

-Useful features for inkjet printing-
Reinforcement Function.
Thinning out.
Easy process evaluation with any adherence shape.

On- demand modeling using super-fine inkjet technology
Single-micron level microfabrication and femto-liter level super-fine inkjet application

Superfine inkjet technology was developed by the Nanotechnology Research Institute of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). The technology allows the ejection of super-fine liquid droplets smaller than the conventional droplets ejected by a home-use conventional inkjet printer. They are roughly 1/10 smaller in size and 1/1,000 smaller in volume. This technology can be applied to a single-micron level microfabrication or femto-liter level on-demand inkjet application.

Example of single-micron level super-fine wiring (line width: 3 μm)
(lattice pitch = 15 μm)



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